Arctic WEB

a multidisciplinary arctic research network


What is Arctic WEB?

Arctic WEB is an academic initiative to create an international network of scientists dedicated to conduct active multi-disciplinary research on ecosystem processes in the Arctic, and to study the functioning of terrestrial ecosystems in the context of climate change. ArcticWEB will largely benefits from ongoing initiatives such as the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program (CBMP), a working group of the Conservation of Arctic Fauna and Flora (CAFF) under the Arctic Council.

Understanding food-web functionning in a warming tundra

A network of research stations

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Coordinated research stations along environmental gradients offer unique opportunities to understand and forecast the effect of climate change on Arctic ecosystems.

What is our mission?

  1. Address broad research questions using either theoretical or empirical based modeling approaches
  2. Promote collaborative and coordinate monitoring projects under the CAFF
  3. Set quasi-experiments along environmental gradients
  4. Organize biennial international multi-disciplinary workshops
  5. Foster collaborative analyses and synthesis on ecosystem functionnig

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