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  ArcticWEB workshop 2017
L'Ange-Gardien 11-14 January 2017
Participants: Most Canadian members of the ArcticWEB network.
Schedule: Link
  Centre for Northern Studies 2016 and ArcticWEB workshop
Trois-Rivières and Portneuf 11-14 February 2016
Participants: All participants to the ArcticWEB workshop including Canadian and international attendees are invited to the CEN meeting.
Schedule: Link
  ArcticNet Annual Scientific Meeting
Vancouver 7-11 December 2015
Participants: All Canadian participants will attend this meeting. A 3 hours meeting within ArcticNet meeting is already scheduled to prepare and organize the logistic of the February workshop and prepare the ongoing NSERC Strategic Partnership Grant application.
Schedule: Link
  Nordic Workshop
Mont-Comi 21-23 January 2015
Participants: Dominique Gravel, Isabelle Boulangeat, Joël Bêty, Jean-François Lamarre, Nicolas Casajus, Gilles Gauthier, Anne-Mathilde Thierry, Dominique Fauteux, Camille Morin, Pascal Royer-Boutin, Catherine Doucet, Andréane Beardsell, Pierre Legagneux, Marie-Andrée Giroux, Nicolas Lecomte, Audrey Robillard
  Workshop on Arctic Ecosystems and Climate Change
Aarhus University 29-30 April 2014
Participants: 20 participants including Rolf Ims, Toke Hoye, Niels Martin Schmidt, Tomas Roslin and Pierre Legagneux
  Modelling Arctic Ecosystem
Université du Québec à Rimouski 11 April 2014
Participants: Dominique Berteaux, Joël Bêty, Gilles Gauthier, Dominique Gravel, Nicolas Lecomte, Marie-Andrée Giroux and Pierre Legagneux
  Modelling Bylot Ecosystem
Université Laval 18-19 May 2011
Participants: Dominique Berteaux, Joël Bêty, Cassandra Cameron, Gilles Gauthier, Dominique Gravel, Nicolas Lecomte, Pierre Legagneux, Shawn Leroux, Michel Loreau, Jean-Francois Therrien
  ArcticWolves Meetings
Participants: All ArcticWolves (International Polar Year project 2007-2009) meetings are listed here: Link

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