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A Multi-disciplinary Arctic Research Network

  Monitoring Initiatives

  Focus on: Interactions Working Group (IWG)

This is a ongoing project involving fieldwork at multiple sites across the Arctic; a joint circumpolar project to measure and predict cascading impacts of Indirect Trophic Interactions in Arctic terrestrial vertebrate communities.

Important progress has been made in recent decades to describe and understand how arctic terrestrial vertebrates interact. Indirect interactions between prey species modulated by shared predators are believed to have important impacts on the structure and dynamics of arctic tundra communities. Yet, our understanding of these types of interactions is still fragmentary.

To fill that gap, we will take advantage of our network to promote the implementation of common field protocols and experiments across the circumpolar Arctic. Data emerging from this international collaboration will improve each collaborator's knowledge at the site level and, more importantly, will improve our capacity to understand and quantify the influence of indirect interactions in arctic vertebrate communities. Five types of data have been identified as being crucial to answer questions related to indirect effects. These data sets will be collected using five main protocols listed below:
1) Monitor predation pressure using artificial nest experiments
2) Monitor predation pressure on real shorebird nests using Tiny Tags
3) Assess predator activity rate (incidental observations)
4) Assess small rodent relative abundance (incidental observations and other field techniques)
5) Assess herbivore (excluding rodents) relative abundance (faeces counts along transects)

Main trophic interactions in arctic terrestrial communities (indirect interactions shown by dashed lines). Numbers refer to the main protocols implemented at multiple sites to quantify the strength of indirect effects.

  Québec and Nunavut initiatives

   Observatoire de la biodiversité du Québec

   Atlas de la biodiversité nordique

   Indicateurs, réseau de suivi sur les milieux toundriques

   Atlas des oiseaux nicheurs du Québec

   Évaluation de la vulnérabilité de la biodiversité du Nord du Québec


   Changements climatiques et toundra arctique

   Gradient Nordique